This is where you will find information about how to purchase your pictures from the competition that I have or will shoot in future under a separate subcategory. If you are looking for images from past competitions, please send me a text or email and let me know which one and we can take care of it that way.

The cost is usually between $40 to $55 which covers a copy of all the images from the camera sent to you via Dropbox, within 30 days after the event.
This could be anywhere from 100-300+ images depending on your performance.

Most images as you can see in samples from the images under Photo Gallery – Competition Photos  are at very high quality. The image you receive from your order will be full size JPGs with no watermarks, suitable for printing. With that said, any additional retouching work is not included in the cost for the package.

Retouching (removal of bruises, wrinkles, and the like) is available after the event, at $25 per image or $50 for any 3 images. Advanced retouching (removal of extraneous items, tattoos and such for example) is $75 per image.

Printed copies of your photos, 10 images in 8×10 size are available for $50 (FREE SHIPPING!)

Images shipped to you on a USB, carry an additional $15 cost due to media, processing, shipping and handling. Replacement or additional copies will cost $20 each as well.